How it all started

My beard and tattoo lifestyle started shortly after my stay in the UK with a few tattoo pieces and my beard never gaining momentum past the stubble size. The change occurred about a year ago and I unleashed my beastly mane and a revival in my need for skin art followed.

I soon realised that a beard is not grown but it's forged and my beard was going to need some strong nourishing in the harsh African environment! My beard was getting hungry, fast and my body art needed protection.

My mother is a pharmacist and has been experimenting with bees wax and macadamia nut oil for many years now, treating anything from skin allergies to helping ladies look classy!

Chatting over the phone one night with my mom, she was commenting on the photos of my beard growth on social media and she challenged me to come up with a balm using macadamia nut oil and bees wax!

There's just too much synthetic stuff out there and it's important to know that your skin is the body's largest organ. What we apply to our skin absorbs into our blood stream which affects the entire body.

So with that said, I was always taught, "if you can't eat it, don't rock it on your face or body!"

I went up to visit my mother and the result was GUNWAX beard and tattoo balm!

South Africa's first beard and tattoo balm with 100% raw Macadamia nut oil and triple filtered bees wax.